Exalttek, Inc. provides information technology solutions and consulting services. We support business intelligence, architecture, enterprise quality, content management, integration, enterprise application integration, quality assurance services, and web applications. Exalttek, Inc. serves financial businesses, investment banking, life sciences, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, technology, as well as various local IT and Recruitment agencies. The company operates in the United States. Founded in 2018, we have an onsite development center in Chicago.

Our Solutions

Expert Resource Managers

We have highly qualified and professional IT recruiters in the team, who can headhunt and recruit talent form wide range of IT technologies.

Protected IT Security

We provide Complete discretion of your company information and protect your confidentiality and an end-to-end connectionless integrity.


Our Certified and qualified software engineers ,Business analysts and Client relation managers will help you design,develop and to implement any feature on your website or software solutions for your company.

Maintenance Support

We provide intensive IT support to help your employees and clients to provide service maintenance throughout our journey with you.

Outperform your competitors

Hand-picked experts

Developers highly experienced in both technology and remote teamwork

Faster project lauch

Delegate work tasks to meet deadlines quicker and launch ahead of schedule

Efficient project management

Seamless communication and frequent progress reporting to ensure things run smoothly

Top-level quality assurance

Extreme attention to detail to maintain the highest of quality

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